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Month: September 2018

Cradle’s Lightly Swing

What pain is this ? That taint and pull A heart-throb loving, a branch that's full? Emotion swirls to guile of story Give altered sight Delude the path to glory? Rest in the strength Give peace to heart Peirced truth like arrow Find peace my heart.
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A 4-Wheel Drive Adventure !

It was a cloudy day mixed with moments of sunshine. Sitting with coffee and feeling the urge to curl up with a good book I began thinking of appropriating out of the ordinary. "Lets go get some photos somewhere fun!" I said. Half wishing I would just mellow out and relax. Off we went, packed our gear, water and outfits and away we went. It wasn't an easy road, by any means, up and down really...
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#ClearVision The Best of Zest Vol I

Good morning! Wow! Today it is snowing once again! It's really cozy I must say! Great for making music! When I wrote Clearvision, it was at a time when I felt incredibly confused. I had been through a very bad relationship. One that was full of lies. It did take me a bit of time to realize how much I was being lied too. It felt as if my world had turned upside down.  I felt incredibly confused...
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#Poppies Zorobabel

Good afternoon! On this September 11th, the skies are blue and a fresh breeze reminds me that Fall is slipping into place. I want to say a big Thank You!! to all of the heroes who defend and help in time of need, to create the freedom that we all enjoy. I am forever grateful to these brave people who step out sacrificialy. True heroes :-) So I dedicate this song "Poppies" to you today. The...
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