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Discover the captivating and diverse collection of music by the Rachel Walker Trio. Immerse yourself in soulful melodies and rhythmic beats that transport you to a realm of musical bliss. From the powerful lyrical writing to the artistry of the Rachel Walker Trio, each album adds a full dimension to the enchanting world of music. Explore the albums, including "EPOCH," "the Best of Zest – Vol.l," "the Best of Zest-Vol.2," and "Zorobabel," along with other musical treasures. Find your perfect soundtrack and indulge in the joy of exceptional music by Canadian songwriter Rachel Walker.


After listening to the latest work from Rachel Walker I realized that she has something good. First thing, that comes to mind is that she has a voice from the past that brings her music current and up to speed. I have had the real pleasure of receiving three Cd’s and a companion DVD of hers. Really unbelievably great..all three. One must sit down and really listen to the albums,. I listened first to her album Zorobabel which is really put together, I feel like I have gone back in time traveling with her. Rachel has the ability to really put words of poetry into song and make you feel as a part of the journey. One of the songs on this remarkable album is called “In My Darkness”, it is a deep thought provoking song and the songs that follow are superb and make you wishing for more. The next album “the Best of Zest” vol 1 is just another fine example of consistent songs throughout her musical catalog. A song on this album that really caught my ear was “Must Be a Reason” this song to me really just fulfills that deep spot in music where I always look for it, and this song has it. Throughout all her albums  Rachel really edges emotion through her craft like lyrics and edgy singing. The 3rd album “The Best Of Zest vol. 2 really brings the message of really great poetry into song. This album by the Rachel Walker Trio adds full dimension to her awesome lyrical writing. All the songs come alive with the use of cellos, violin, and piano and acoustic guitar which brings full dimension into her lyrics that are superbly written and finished. If one is into true lyrics and poetry  mixed together and expressed through  song, these albums truly deserve your affections. I know I was thoroughly impressed and will always be a follower of the Rachel Walker Trio and i am truly blessed to be on her musical journey through time. Thank you Rachel for allowing me to be part of your musical journey and I am anxiously a new album of yours so i may continue this wonderful experience.

Steven F. Adams



c 2016 used by permission

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