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Year: 2018

Merry Christmas to YOU!

Good morning! I hope you are not too busy to enjoy some Holiday Cheer and Loved ones..Near! Last night I was working on music....I am almost finished with a song that I have been looking forward to finishing! Also so much more music to create and so much going on! The movie is coming along well and I am really enjoying this new avenue of creation! I will keep you posted on the goings on of such...
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All the Dusty Chatter

Was a whirl I say, all full of twigs Full of nonsense, full of jigs To pull the tree so strong and true To try to chop it down , chop! chop! who knew? So all to leave in scatter land A lie left waiting to take a stand.
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Time and the Measure of Things…

Good morning! Projects lately seem to grow and time seemingly shrinks before my coffee even touches my lips! But I am learning a wonderful principle in that gaining of time. Working ahead and creating a good schedule is really helping me to achieve all of these wonderful creative ideas! The movie is really wonderful and I am so excited about it! Also some unfinished music that is now top priority...
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In Clear Cool Blue

I look today , at the clear blue skies I look up I breathe from deep For all this world and all its joys For all the turmoil, Sorrows woe For every turn, weave up and down To cry to laugh to breathe I look up And then I bow To grateful love  
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