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A 4-Wheel Drive Adventure !

A 4-Wheel Drive Adventure !

It was a cloudy day mixed with moments of sunshine. Sitting with coffee and feeling the urge to curl up with a good book I began thinking of appropriating out of the ordinary. “Lets go get some photos somewhere fun!” I said. Half wishing I would just mellow out and relax.

Off we went, packed our gear, water and outfits and away we went. It wasn’t an easy road, by any means, up and down really steep hills and rocky too! Kind of took my nerves for a ride too! But as we continued into no-where-land, I started to just take in the beauty of this incredible country scene!

All this to say ! If you would like to see some beautiful scenery, we have uploaded a few pictures from this great adventure!

Lots of music on the go!

I really wish you a beautiful day!

for now

Rachel :-)!!

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