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I have been so burdened for the people of the world. The poor, who have no voice and yet God hears us all, in our pain, in our trials. There is GREAT hope!! Here are the lyrics of my song POPPIES, written for YOU. I wrote this song in a bit different tempo than the recording shows. Perhaps someday I will record it again. But new songs are needing to be recorded! I wrote this song for all who...
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Tide so Flow

Sense the music feel it's flow Full and gentle, Let it go Free the mind Feel it's glow So full of music Tide, so flow...... Tunes ahead!~ Love to YOU! Rachel :-)
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So Sings the Bird

Good morning! Do you ever take time to listen to the birds in the morning, singing a song of cheer and welcoming the day? They seem to start around 4:00 am and if anything is to wake one up in the early morning that is the best sound! I love to hear them! Rising early has its beauty and the first part of the day its own mood! So beautiful!! Lately I have been writing new songs and getting ready...
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The Loser’s Game

What will you loose, to help a friend What will you loose, a race to win What will you loose to save a life To love an elder To elimate strife What will you loose To lift your voice To raise a song To make a choice What will you loose For lose is gain For life is loosing But after all giving A song for the rain.
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"Where ye be a sailin me mate?? Looks a like aaa storms aaaa brewen on the front line aaaa " "Ohhhheeee me be a breezin' easin' with the wind me mate!!" "Me feels a breeze upon me shoulders ahhhhhh" "Iiieeee!"
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