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Category: Rachel’s Blog

Byway to Highway

Good evening! I wonder how you are today? Where are you heading? Are you moving forward, stuck or unsure where to go next? I was thinking of the pathway, the byway, the story we read as we unfold ourselves into this life. Do we finish well? Do we know where to go? Are we still? As I am on my walkway, the byway I am comforted in knowing that the story unfolds in it's time. That the next chapter...
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Shows and Smiles!

Good evening! With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to let you know that soon I will be posting some links for recent shows I have been honored to be featured in. It is always so wonderful to meet people from all over the world, so share thoughts and minds and spread the love and music a little more!! Wishing you a joyful weekend! Turn up the Christmas music and feel the Good Vibes!...
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More to Come!

Good evening! I am looking at the end of November, knowing that we are all getting geared up for the Christmas Rush, and that said, the things that really matter are there waiting for our attention. In the scurry and blurry of it all, there they are needing the focus they deserve!! That said, beyond all of the wonderful loved ones, the music is looking bright! I am so excited and pleased as to...
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Something New!

I am looking forward to sharing a new style of song that I have recently written. I have asked a talented poet if I could use his lyrics for most of the song. I added a verse at the end. I plan to get some great sound from some real talent so stay tuned for this one. I would love to hear what your thoughts will be for this next piece. Sometimes when I write lyrics, just out of my soul, I look...
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Walkin’ the Journey

I walked a mountain trail today, The breeze it found a soft array Of trees that swayed in time Not hurried, troubled, weary they~ Stood strong and valiant, without a say And truth it spoke Into my day God on His throne And I to walk The highlands filled with faith always And eagles sore Without delay.
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