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Category: Rachel’s Blog

Through Roses and Thorns

Did I ever tell you about her? We were bike riding and off of a main road. There was only gravel and pot holes on the road, trees along the sides and no one around . We stopped for a moment to catch our breath. Out of the corner of my eye a form began to move, and started towards us. I looked over and with fright stared into two amazing looking eyes that stared right into my soul. One eye was...
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I’ll Take a Peace of That!

Good evening! I hope this day finds you well:-) Everyday I see how the World is forming, like a ball, turning of events, transforming with the motion set in place to create a thought of one. I would think of this, it seems to come from such a noble idea. Peace on Earth, Good will towards mankind. Who doesn't want this?? But peace is something that should not come with strings attached. Is peace...
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Play Into the Night!

Good morning! We have just added the latest tune to the website! It is titled as above...Play Into the Night! The song came about when I was introduced to Jerome Lande who wanted to collaborate, needing some vocals for his music. We got to talking and I said I would love to add his guitar playing to a song of mine. I said I would write a song for him to play on. Thus one weekend I wrote this...
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Mastering the Melody!!

Good wonderful day to YOU!! It's really amazing, how great you can feel when the sun finally comes out for a little while!! I actually took a moment to sit in the sun and read a fasinating book!! That said, what is really wonderful about Today is that we are mastering one of the new songs featuring TONY FRANKLIN, Hall of Fame Bass player, fretless Tony, and all around super awesome guy!! As well...
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