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Category: Rachel’s Blog


Good morning! After a good breakfast, and a warm cup of coffee, I am thankful for this day! Yesterday I finished a new song and a few others that I have been working on! I look at the songs that I have had the honor to share with you so far! Each one different and having it's own message. I was working in advertising and Babacar N'dyie asked me to collaborate with him. Such a talented musician....
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Creekside, reflections

" I can't figure it out!" Sadie said to Sally. "I have looked and looked, and I can't find it!" "I saw a sparkle..." Sally spoke softly. "What? Where?" "Over there, in the Creekside.." Sadie moved closer but could not see a thing! "Take your time, " said Sally. "Lean into the water and wait for your eyes to focus" Sadie did just that, and looked and stared for some time. Just when she thought...
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NEW Creations for a HAPPY New Year!!

Good morning to YOU! As I sit here with a freshly brewed cup of coffee...(a little cream...) I feel the anticipation of 2023! Wow, yes, I know, there are changes in the air, but also I am anticipating so many new opportunities! The creative flow of new music and the next step in the journey! Every day a story to be told, moments turned into gold... For myself, to take these days ahead with...
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The Christmas Spirit?

The snow is falling softly, covering the earth with a pure silence, a sparkle of genius and the beauty of diamonds, here for a moment if we notice. All around the hustle of friends and neighbors, moves, but more so this year with a decided movement. Less frantic, more thoughtful. We anticipate the season, the good foods, friends, loved ones. The expectation of something fun and memorable. We...
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Journey of Love

Good day to you! Recently I have found myself re-adjusting my priorities. Music being one of the top now. Creating, working in music is a different breed. The journey is sometimes vague, or abstract. You spend a lot of time alone creating, being inspired. It's going deep. I think it's much easier to just do life...instead of make life. That said though, it is my honor to take these gifts given,...
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