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Category: Rachel’s Blog

A Rest is as good as A Note

I have been sorting through clothes that I don't need and getting them over to the thrift store. Cleaning the clutter and I know as a musician that songs don't come in the clutter but in the rest. Musically, I find the pause, or the rest in the composition is as important to the song as a whole as notes can be. We too, need this solitary rest time. Time to sort through the clutter and really...
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What a Blast!

Good beautiful day to YOU! I hope this Monday is more than melancholy for YOU! Yes, unusual and changing but sometimes special things happen in the middle of the muddle! It was a great time in the studio creating a new sound and I had so much fun writing lyrics and laying down my vocals! Creativity is such a mysterious journey! So many interesting sights to see on the path! It is a bubbling...
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Pour down Love from Heaven Fill my empty places be Wash anew my wayward thinking May I truly love and see All the plans and beauty waiting True Love perpetually lasts Every New Day has it's reason Every soul a juncture, a path. Happy New Year! I look forward to each new and exciting day on this journey together!! Lots of love to you and Tunes ahead!! Have a beautiful day Rachel :-)
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Merry Christmas to YOU!

May this day bring you peace, and joy, when happiness may not find you May this day warm your heart Like a warm winter's fire on a cold and snowy day May this day bless your inner spirit with love and peace And may Good will towards men be our every day in 2021! Lots of love to you and yours! for now Rachel :-) ps! please enjoy the Christmas music on the website, there for YOU!
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It’s in the Jeans

Good morning:-) I have found it so fascinating to find out where our family lines come from, what makes us who we are, why we are so motivated to do the things we do! How everyone's DNA is made especially for them! Our stories and the lives we live the way we use what we have is so important. Everyone of us has potential and a story to live out. Perhaps a blueprint written before time, before...
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