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Category: Rachel’s Blog

Concerts In the Dark!

Good day to you! Last night I was too stimulated from such a great Sunday, taking my dad out and watching Top Gun! What a great show, and Tom Cruz, so talented!! I woke up in the night and just couldn't settle down, so I picked up my guitar and just played. I played several of my songs, in the dark of the night, a concert and felt so good! It felt like I was me. Writing music, singing it out...
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Zorobabel “REST” Song #1.

Good evening! Here the rain is falling, moments of sunshine peeking through the clouds but overall a grey day! Recently, I had the honor and encouragement from a musician friend who just can't get enough of my song titled, "REST", song #1. on my album ZOROBABEL. It is really an honor to create and make music for others to take into their lives and the stories they live out. I wrote REST, after a...
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Happy Friday!!! On this wonderful day heading into the Weekend! I am so pleased as we have Finally set UP the website so that you may buy songs DIRECTLY from the Website!! This is so really great as all the New songs are ONLY available here, and I am happy to say You may now purchase them! So many exciting adventures ahead!! I thank yOu for being YOU and supporting the musical journey thus far!...
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On this most Awesome Day! Palms High!

04/04/22rest is mindblowin music..i hope you know how much a real song can afffect the world in a positive way gbless..dont ever stop Wow, you know, I am so honored by comments like these, it is sooo truly touching to hear someone say that the music makes a difference to them. I really am so touched! This day was such a wonderful day, making a nice meal and homemade buns for Palm...
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Appreciate !

I just wanted to check in with you tonight and say a Big Thank You for all of the kind and wonderful remarks you send my way! The music is there for you to enjoy and I know there will be more to come! Tunes ahead! Lots of love your way! Love so strong, so true! Rachel :-)
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