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Category: Rachel’s Blog


Good day to YOU !! For some this is a time to smell all the delicious foods baked, the warmth of friends and family, a time to say Thank YOU for all of the good life has to offer. Perhaps we live in artificial times, but in all times, I can look out to see a beautiful sunset, hold out a loving hand, and know that life has it's compensations. I give to you my song PILGRIM for a listen or two!...
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Boulder’s High!

"Ohhhhh thesseee a one is a hard on me thumbs, lasssy... Tis a wind I say, a mighty wind that blow me this a way and that...I says....." "Hold on tight me friend!! Hold on and climb, just a weee bit higher, ya sees there...the flat land with a wee bit o' grassy's....?? Ya sees its??" "Ahhh yessess I sees it's...just me thumbs are sore...."
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