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#ClearVision The Best of Zest Vol I

#ClearVision The Best of Zest Vol I

Good morning! Wow! Today it is snowing once again! It’s really cozy I must say! Great for making music!

When I wrote Clearvision, it was at a time when I felt incredibly confused. I had been through a very bad relationship. One that was full of lies. It did take me a bit of time to realize how much I was being lied too. It felt as if my world had turned upside down.  I felt incredibly confused but truth and the way it sits so peacefully has a way of bringing one through.  I remember sitting down at the piano and just writing this song out as one. Lyrics and melody. I would play this song for my own soul, but never really thought of recording it.

In band practise one day, Ray said he really loved this song and “could he sing it?” I was touched that he liked it so much as it was very personal for me so I said of course! I played piano, we hooked up the Leslie speaker to it to give that great echoing sound. Ray played bass. Michael drums. We recorded Clearvision live.

On this snowy day I feel the piano calling me!

I wish you a really wonderful day and the energetic feeling of a clear mind! 🙂

for now

Rachel 🙂

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