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  • Wow Rachel! That sounds beautiful!! So happy to have been a part of your project!!

    I will share this on my FB and Twitter pages J

    Thanks for sending me the link and happy to help spread the word for you!


  • Dear Rachel! Thank you very much for your letter! I saw your website. This is very interesting, wonderful music and video. Do you live in Canada? I often watch the news from Canada. In Canada, the wonderful nature.
    I wish you all the best!


  • Thank you, very much, dear Rachel! Your voice is “intoxicating”, you know? And your website is perfect …I found your songs and listen to them and falls to me a strange mood … almost like the Twin Peaks where a love song sounds unhappily loving people … Your voice is magical, wonderfully warm and hovers everywhere around me … Thank you, beautiful Rachel! Jan

  • Hi..recently i’ve been listening to your music at N1m quite often and it’s because your sounds really turn me on. I promise i will always BLINK your stuff here onn #1 and recommend it on my facebook. Have a nice day today and EVVRRYDAYYY!!!

  • great music, I’ve listened to both songs about ten times in a row.

    I’ll be sure to keep you in mind for upcoming projects, I really like your sound.

    Baby Blue sounds like the next BOND THEME

    1. Dear Jon!
      I just read this beautiful comment and wanted to say Thank you so very much!!
      very truly
      Rachel 🙂

  • Dearest rachel your music is totally beautiful. .I love your way you are profound and awesome and thank you again for your beautiful. Music it has meaning and substance. .you are a beautiful person and I will talk with you soon my dear Rachel.

    Steven F. Adams

  • You know Rachel I melt when I hear Karen Carpenter’s beautiful voice every time I hear her. You have that quality of sincere naturalness in your voice! Reminds me of Karen. You have a golden voice my friend…..!!!

    Tony O Melio
    New York City, USA

    1. Dear Manoj!
      I just read this beautiful comment and wanted to say Thank you so very much to you!! Have a beautiful day dear friend!!
      very truly
      Rachel 🙂

  • all this new and beautiful music arriving from a beautiful and superior talented and an amazing musician and a friend.. totally great love the look, keep the beauty arriving…

  • What a beautiful rendition of the song have yourself a merry little Christmas I’ve always loved this song thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift of song and music

  • Hey, so we have found you on N1M and my boyfriend Zac loves you tune Viadelarosa – this is the only thing that he has been listening to.. a few days in a row… THANKS! We love your music keep it up!

    1. Thank YOU so much Bianka!! That is so COOL!! and Viadolarosa is coming right up here in a few days!! MUCH LOVE to yOu!! Rachel 🙂

  • Hey. Love listening to your music with my friends. You see, everyone loves you.
    You’ll make it, I swear I swear I swear.

  • So, I stumbled across your music by accident entirely on N1M. Thanks for entertaining me with your music. I must say, it is a relief to hear such amazing songs. Keep writing. You are very talented. Take care. Thanks for the entertainment.

  • Just listening to the Rachel Walker Trio. On Dorys indie starz radio
    Enjoying Rachels beautiful voice and the well crafted songs and slick production. Hope to catch you live. Somewhere down the road

    wow nice this is awesome…………. AWESOME .this song has a really good ……….piano sounds awesome lines I can hear this song over and over………………………..they the song was put together is very unique……………………..just love the way its sung the vocals are spot on the piano were played perfectly……………………… i can’t say enough about this song …………………….I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thank you…………………….. This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank so much to letting me review your song.

  • Blue No More
    One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I’d never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song the soft piano intro and breathy vocals of the Rachel Walker Trio glide into this quiet tale. Vocally dynamic yet so powerful and simple at the same time. Delightfully produced. Definitely not a “rock” song as this is categorized. Adult Contemporary for the win.

  • Sad and unique
    A really sad song, with harmonies far out of the mainstream. Never heard something like this before. Good that there is sort of a chorus from time to time, the chords in the verses are not that easy to follow. Reduced to the max with only three minutes playing time, no unnecessary gimmicks or instrumental parts. Outstanding lead voice with precise intonation. Good production with a lot of reverb, but piano songs otherwise sound like being recorded in a closet. Well done.

    1. Dear Scnoed!
      Thank YOU so much for your kind words! This was me at the piano, and so I thank you! Much love Rachel 🙂

  • baby blue
    Wow, how much power in one song, in one voice that says so much and touches the places of the soul that only want love. I was very touched by your voice. I’m glad I got to meet your work and I hope you continue to make music as long as you are. All the best, keren

  • Rachel your music is simply amazing and truly beautiful work of art and mesmerizes my heart ♥ and I can’t thank you enough for your amazing support for what I love to do and having you on my radio show was just icing on the cake. Your music will never be out of my reach and remains in my heart forever. Keep up the awesome and beautiful music arriving It will always have a special place on my radio shows
    Steven F Adams
    (Owner Sound Wave One
    Co owner of In My Dreams Radio

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