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#Poppies Zorobabel

#Poppies Zorobabel

Good afternoon!

On this September 11th, the skies are blue and a fresh breeze reminds me that Fall is slipping into place. I want to say a big Thank You!! to all of the heroes who defend and help in time of need, to create the freedom that we all enjoy. I am forever grateful to these brave people who step out sacrificialy. True heroes 🙂

So I dedicate this song “Poppies” to you today. The effects of terror and war, unrest, greed as well as the inner turmoil and shock that returning soldiers, firefighters, and all those who face sometimes daily the inner anxiety it can bring, I want to share a song I wrote when going through my own loss and trauma, the hope of a new tomorrow is always there for you and me:-)

“What will you eat? My dear friend.

What will you wear, once again

And how do You feel?

Are you well ?

Are you so well?

Look at the birds flying there

Poppies that bloom , oh so fair

And lets catch that boat,

Sailing Free

If we only



Have a beautiful day!

for now

Rachel 🙂

ps there is a painting that I painted for this song on saatchi/online/rachelwalker/canada 🙂 If you would like to view it!! 🙂


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