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#Colors Best of Zest Vol.II

#Colors Best of Zest Vol.II

Good morning!

Today is really a beautiful day! I love the fresh fall air mixed into the warm sun. So invigorating and full of a new season anticipation. 🙂

When we created “Colors”, Michael was single at the time. He wrote a great deal of ‘Renaissance’ love poems at that time. Ray and I thought these lyrics were brilliant. We had our band practise and the guys left. I sat down at the piano and began to write the tune for Michael’s poem. It came pretty easily and before next practise we had a song. It was a great deal of fun to sing and play and the guys all found the parts they wanted to add to it. We kept on practising this song but were creating Best of Zest Vol I. and Colors was ahead of its time. I phoned Michael’s cell and asked if I could edit a few of the lines to fit the song I had created. “Sure” he replied. I finished the song and was home at the piano. I couldn’t wait to share it with Michael and so I called his phone and said, “Can you listen to the song Michael?” Little did I know that he was in a meeting in Vancouver! I sang and played the piano to him over the phone. Michael told me later he just melted when he heard it. 🙂

It took us awhile to get it recorded and it ended up on The Best of Zest Vol. II.  Michael had a girlfriend by this time and it was a serious one, in fact he and Shirley ended up getting married later on.  We had all had supper and then band practise. We wanted to record it then. I could tell Michael and Shirley were a bit in a hurry, new love you know, so we recorded this one time and kept it. I sat at the piano and sang and we played it live.

One of the lines that I love comes at the end of the tune and I think it is profound in that love can come to us at any given time, good times and bad times love still moves in and through us and makes life worth living. 🙂 The last line in the song is…”love grows so well, especially in the rain. ”

I wish you a day full of fresh breeze of anticipation and love in your heart!

Have a great day !

for now

Rachel 🙂

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