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Poppies Like Freedom that Blow in the Wind

Poppies Like Freedom that Blow in the Wind

Good morning to you! Heavy gusts of the north winds blow the chimes who choose to sing around my yard this day. As I think of the brilliant red poppies that are here today and gone tomorrow, I think too of the soldiers that fought for Freedom for a better world. As flowers that fade, so too can the free winds die down and the grasses turn to brown.

Freedom is something to cherish and honor and yet today the battles are fought with lies and deceit. A world programmed to belive what is not true. How easily we like sheep head to the slaughter houses believing we shall taste green grass once again.

Truth sits peacefully. May we never forget the lives lost, the battles won, the peaceful days enjoyed, where prosperity and recreation was as common as the flowers that bloom and are replanted for the next season of sunny days.

I wish you truth and a clear mind, for the days ahead.

Please feel free to listen to POPPIES from my album Zorobabel 🙂

Much love to YOU! and New tunes ahead!!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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