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Month: November 2020

Christmas Music and More!

Hello! Greetings ! Diamond snow drops glisten through my window as I write to you and let you know that we have uploaded some Christmas tunes for you! Also I am so happy to say that we have updated and uploaded more of my songs and you are welcome to keep them, take them home with you! Listen to them on a troubled night or a joyful day! There are more songs ahead and I am looking forward to...
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Vivify Me!

Good morning! I am so happy to tell you that we have uploaded a song I created titled, Vivify! This song I had the pleasure of creating in studio, and composed all of the parts to make this song. It is inspirational, and so we added the eagle flying as the picture to express the soaring one can feel in one's spirit, in life in general. That there is always the promise of hope for each day, and...
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Poppies Like Freedom that Blow in the Wind

Good morning to you! Heavy gusts of the north winds blow the chimes who choose to sing around my yard this day. As I think of the brilliant red poppies that are here today and gone tomorrow, I think too of the soldiers that fought for Freedom for a better world. As flowers that fade, so too can the free winds die down and the grasses turn to brown. Freedom is something to cherish and honor and...
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