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Vivify Me!

Vivify Me!

Good morning! I am so happy to tell you that we have uploaded a song I created titled, Vivify!

This song I had the pleasure of creating in studio, and composed all of the parts to make this song.

It is inspirational, and so we added the eagle flying as the picture to express the soaring one can feel in one’s spirit, in life in general. That there is always the promise of hope for each day, and creating is an ongoing gift!

I wish you a beutiful day!!

OH! Also, we have updated the website and you can now purchase songs via paypal or visa!

I am so excited about this new addition to the website!

This is an exclusive place to purchase NEW SONGS and the only place you can find them!

What a treasure hunt!!

Lots more to come!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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