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Fairy Tales, and Lies

Fairy Tales, and Lies

Good morning! It feels so great to be alive! Coffee and me here, talking to you! The lyrics of my new song, Prop411 are the kind of lyrics that just keep running through your head!

“If your weary, well that’s the point, break your will nose out a joint..”

I remember a time when I was in a relationship, believing in someone who was constantly lieing to me. I didn’t know it at the time but somewhere deep in my syckie I could feel it. I didn’t grow up with liers so I wanted to believe them. You can live in that state of mind and make a nice little world for yourself but somewhere, hopefully the truth will come out!

After I was faced with the truth, it was such a shock! I had invented all of these denying coping mechanisms in my head that were working to a point. But TRUTH is so cleansing and takes away all of the confusion. Confusion just keeps us stuck, unproductive, depressed, and at a disatvantage.

Beyond the Fairy Tales, with long tales that trail into never never land, the great truth is that LOVE will remain, Truth is everlasting and the Big Show will end one day, I hope we can all remain in the Truth….man….:-)

Have a beautiful day and ………new tunes ahead!!

for now

Lots of love to you!

Rachel 🙂

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