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Isn’t IT so Silly

Isn’t IT so Silly

With the week ending and the hope of the weekend before me I looked with anticipation to

the events ahead! The stresses of a busy schedule and all the activities whirling around me, I did not realize how tense I had become! Wanting to pile up the plate, fatigue and sadness overwhelmed me.

It was just one of those moments, that take you back. Looking for understanding, comfort, to the needs of the day is sometimes an awkward affair. How do you express distress when all around you the events are piling up! What results are sought for.

Communication can be such a tricky word. To communicate from the soul and not from a place of fatigue is not always understood. Just to communicate, we all feel better for it. If there is a heart to be connected to, it is the way to oneness. Pain surrounds the barrier between understanding, where souls can meet.

Real humanity, what makes us human, what makes us love life and look towards a future is to reach out to each other, to care, to bring understanding. Only pure evil would do otherwise.

I look to times of quiet, and contemplation, restoration of the soul; the simple things that bring one back into joy, exercise, good food, meditation, the beauty of nature, and a connection to my fellow human kind, to be understood and the comfort that it brings to look forward to the day!

Lots of love to YOU and tunes ahead!!

Love for now

Rachel 🙂

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