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Moments in Place

Moments in Place

Good morning!!!

Wow! I am so happy to say it is FRIDAYYYY!! and the week is winding up and so many exciting

creations ahead!!

Watching the world as it turns, one can always see so many dynamics taking place, like colors on

the wheel, pure white starts the page, and color layered color, each medium vying for attention,

Colors of truth, colors of lies.

Which path we follow , makes for the journey we end up with.

Truth leading to purpose, integrity, surety, beauty.

Lies leading to know where, no where plans…

As to the tunes!! We are finalizing some amazing sound coming very soon!

I just can’t wait!

So beautiful !!

I just wanted to check in and say how much I love this journey I can share with you.

The mixture on the path,

the surety of the story told in truth.

Lots of love to YOU!

For now

Rachel 🙂

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