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Always a Way!

Always a Way!

Good morning! I wanted to let you know we have uploaded my latest song onto the website

titled, “CONSCIOUSNESS” The lyrics are very beautiful, written by Daniel Dischino, and

wonderful sound from FAME< ELLIOTT RANDALL on solo guitar, and TONY FRANKLIN on bass.

I played my acoustic guitar as well as a little electric and also piano. I wrote this song, late at night one

time, and only had one verse made for it. The last verse in this song is where I put my lyrics to Daniels and they seemed to fit so well!

I had put this song down and was reading one of my friends poems, Daniel Dischino “A Stream of Consciousness” and loved the lyrics. The thought of our soul as it lasts beyond this world, how we are made for eternity and free flowing so to speak in a realm we now reside. How the journey is full of twists and turns, trials but joy and victories too.

We think of all the days of history and the stories told, of madmen and great men, and woman who pass our way and tell us a story.

How the theme of life, the stream of the eternal weaves it’s way through it all, all the stories told have this

one element of solid truth, of purpose, of meaning, lasting hope.

How the story weaves its way through, unstoppable, meant to be,

Always a Way.

I hope you enjoy the song and if you wish to purchase this

song, please know that you can do so, here on the

website. And also that at this time this is the only place you can purchase this song!!

Have a beautiful day, for

“Beauty has another way

Yes, beauty sings….come what may” !

Lots of love to yOu!

Rachel 🙂

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