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Month: February 2022

Always a Way!

Good morning! I wanted to let you know we have uploaded my latest song onto the website titled, "CONSCIOUSNESS" The lyrics are very beautiful, written by Daniel Dischino, and wonderful sound from FAME< ELLIOTT RANDALL on solo guitar, and TONY FRANKLIN on bass. I played my acoustic guitar as well as a little electric and also piano. I wrote this song, late at night one time, and only had one...
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Isn’t IT so Silly

With the week ending and the hope of the weekend before me I looked with anticipation to the events ahead! The stresses of a busy schedule and all the activities whirling around me, I did not realize how tense I had become! Wanting to pile up the plate, fatigue and sadness overwhelmed me. It was just one of those moments, that take you back. Looking for understanding, comfort, to the needs of...
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