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Motive is Everything

Motive is Everything

Thinking about why I do some of the things I do, I began to re-evaluate my motives. Do I do this

action because of love or fear? Love, the ultimate motive, the one with pure freedom, and no law.

Am I moved because I am fearful and so I guise the action as if it is love, but really it isn’t pure, it’s just


I have been thinking on this and how freeing it is to love and not make actions based on fear. How beautiful it is to love from a pure heart.

The power of love and to taste it and see it’s fruit, is so powerful and lasting.

Fear doesn’t let me experience love, it only leaves torment.

Motive is everything, why do we do what we do.

Love, and it’s freedom;

the way a sailboat feels the bliss of the ocean as it moves to the wind.

Motive is everything.

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