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Month: November 2018

Time and the Measure of Things…

Good morning! Projects lately seem to grow and time seemingly shrinks before my coffee even touches my lips! But I am learning a wonderful principle in that gaining of time. Working ahead and creating a good schedule is really helping me to achieve all of these wonderful creative ideas! The movie is really wonderful and I am so excited about it! Also some unfinished music that is now top priority...
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In Clear Cool Blue

I look today , at the clear blue skies I look up I breathe from deep For all this world and all its joys For all the turmoil, Sorrows woe For every turn, weave up and down To cry to laugh to breathe I look up And then I bow To grateful love  
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IceCream and all that Good stuff!!

Good day to yOu! I just wanted to let you know that we have added a new tune onto the website! This song is titled "IceCream" which was a song I had sitting on top of my piano in a pile of songs. I used to jam it with the band, here and there! Anyways! I sent it to my brilliant friend Vladimir Entimirov who is an arranger and he created the orchestral sound. I Love it! So...I hope you enjoy this...
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Movies & Film and Imagination

Good morning to you:-) I sit here in the frosty morn and look out onto peace, yet am saddened by the news of suffering I hear. I want you to know my prayers are with you. That is for sure. Seems the ebb and flow of life brings us to great heights as well the forces of good and evil dance a dance of time. For me the news is good news this day. We have completed and copy written a new movie script...
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Distant Bells

The night lingered, rubbing its eyes slowly to wake. The early morning quiet was as a pause in a melody. The sheets warm from sleep and a gentle cool breeze blew past my face. The smell of the fresh coffee, brewed and warm caused my senses to awaken. "Stay a moment" I thought and feel. As if dancing the air swirled its contrast of cool misty morning to the warmth around me. As if bells in the...
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