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Time and the Measure of Things…

Time and the Measure of Things…

Good morning!

Projects lately seem to grow and time seemingly shrinks before my coffee even touches my lips! But I am learning a wonderful principle in that gaining of time. Working ahead and creating a good schedule is really helping me to achieve all of these wonderful creative ideas! The movie is really wonderful and I am so excited about it! Also some unfinished music that is now top priority for me to complete. Their seems to be a physics at play when one gets ahead of the day, time seemingly slows down. With the Christmas rush ahead, I am looking forward to achieving time so that it can be spent in leasure with loved ones. 🙂

So much going on and I look forward to each day I am able to share these gifts with you!

Thank you sooo much for being here! Have a beautiful day knowing each day is full of wonder!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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