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To Take a Little Time….

To Take a Little Time….

Good morning! We had the song mixed down and gave our ears a rest. As we went back to the song and re-listened to it, there were a few spots that needed a change. I was playing my little cort guitar. The rythmn was there but the sound just didn’t feel right. Maybe a bit bright for the rest of the beautiful intruments. We decided to redo the guitar track and replace it with my electric guitar. I was in my housecoat by this time and had figured the day was over, but plugged in the electric and redid the guitar. It really made a difference and feels like it is way more in the pocket…so to speak! The delivery from Sherry Finzer amazing flute sounds and TONY FRANKLIN bass just really make this song feel so good!

I’m pretty excited to share it with YOU but everything worth something takes a little time…

Okay! Back to work! Just had to say HELLO and have yerself a beautiful day!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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