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Mixing Down! Feeling Up!

Mixing Down! Feeling Up!

Good day to you! I just wanted to update you on the lastest music we are creating! We had some amazing flute playing by Sherry Finzer and also top Bass playing from TONY FRANKLIN so the song was already going to be a great deal of fun! There were a few parts where I needed to add some instruments to the song and so we worked on it all day. I was playing this funky piano sound and trying to get it right! I went over it quite a bit and then we decided to use something else! You know that little lick I was playing is still roaming around in my head!! HA!

All said and done, the song feels so amazing and I love to hear it!

We will keep you updated and let you know when it will be available for YOUR ears!!

Have a beautiful day!

More tunes ahead!

for now

Rachel :-)!!!

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