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Month: March 2020

Window Pleasures

Hello! Here is a painting I made yesterday, I started painting with some small tubes of paint that I had bought for a class I taught to little children! I was more interested in the great colors and just started to use them. I began to realize how awkward the brush movements seemed and realized they were watercolors that I hadn't even used yet!! I put the paint aside and picked up my acrylics to...
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The Evolution of a Song!

Good morning! As the sun lays it's beams along my snowy banks I am looking forward to Spring! That said, this time has given me a gift! With my vocals recorded it is off to mastering to finish the song! This song started out in the summer 2 years ago! I layed it aside, for a movie, but that didn't happen, and so I started again to work on it and finish it! We added the flute and then decided to...
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Trust In Me

Good morning! It is a beautiful sunny day out today! Spring is approaching! I was thinking about one of my earlier songs I wrote. "Trust In Me". This song one Battle of the Bands! I was so thrilled with that! This was one of my first recordings and in a small home studio with very little to work with. I played guitar as well as the producer added parts. I sang into an acoustic guitar mike... I...
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