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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 6

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 6

Goldsmith story by Rachel Walker

The mine being a few miles out of town and down near the clean cool waters of the river meant when he reached it, Goldsmith found himself quite thirsty and ready for a break. The front of the mine could be seen, a shabby old wooden opening. A mine worker had been alerted to meet him there and was waiting as he sized up the new comer as he arrived. “Would this river be clean enough to catch myself a drink?” Goldsmith asked the worker, hoping so. “Awh yeah, you bet it is! Why this is the water we pipe into town. Clean as they come! Help yourself!” And he handed him an old metal ladle to drink from. After such a trek the cool refreshing water poured down Goldsmith’s throat like the most expensive of drinks available! “Awhhh” he commented, and smiled at the mine worker. This seemed to break the silence and the smile was returned. Goldsmith couldn’t help but walk up the river a ways, noticing the deep waters, but also noticing the gravel bars far below. He wondered how many had explored the river bed and if it had been tested lately.

“Any gold to speak of?” The Goldsmith asked the miner. “Awh, nothin seems to be there anyways, anymore,” the miner replied thoughtfully. “They says the mine is exhausted, maybe should be closed.” You could see his sense of hopelessness as he spoke and couldn’t help but notice the hard times the locals were enduring.

“Can you take me for a look?” The Goldsmith asked curiously as new ideas began to swirl around in his head. The miner nodded and into the dark dusky cave the two walked, single file.

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