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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 5.

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 5.

Goldsmith story by Rachel Walker

Before his death, Goldsmith’s Grandfather had passed down the legend to his Grandson, many years ago. He lovingly handed him the generous gift; the highly sought after gem he now carried.

Many attempts to burry this legend had come and gone and only a few had the secret embedded in their hearts.

Legend had it that there was still to discover one stone, larger than any ever found, one stone with such extreme beauty and power and possibilities that were limitless. Small traces of this rare gem were discovered from time to time throughout history, sold, gathered and stored in secret places for only the few to view. The gem the Goldsmith carried was from this vein, the legend said.

“Guard it with your life!” His Grandfather whispered as he lay weak and sickly on his death bed.

All indications pointed to this small, poor village, and the green mountains above them, just waiting to be explored.

Legend also stated that time would run out to discover this precious stone, that the earths crust would one day turn and the whole of the tiny village would be buried, little did the people dwelling there, know.

Something burned in the Goldsmith, something drew him like a magnet. Past family ties to gems and jewels, but it was more than that. Something like destiny.

He thanked Mammy for her delicious start to a new day and headed down to the mine, to find a helper there.

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