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Month: June 2023

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 6

The mine being a few miles out of town and down near the clean cool waters of the river meant when he reached it, Goldsmith found himself quite thirsty and ready for a break. The front of the mine could be seen, a shabby old wooden opening. A mine worker had been alerted to meet him there and was waiting as he sized up the new comer as he arrived. "Would this river be clean enough to catch myself...
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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 5.

Before his death, Goldsmith's Grandfather had passed down the legend to his Grandson, many years ago. He lovingly handed him the generous gift; the highly sought after gem he now carried.Many attempts to burry this legend had come and gone and only a few had the secret embedded in their hearts.Legend had it that there was still to discover one stone, larger than any ever found, one stone with...
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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 4

Dawn now in full bloom, proved the suns morning light as beams broke into the long await for the new day.The Goldsmith, now hungry decided to see if he could find himself something to eat. He dressed readily and opened the door of his small cabin to see the morning beams basking the small village. Old, unfinished houses, small wooden shacks lined the narrow streets. His cabin on the outskirts of...
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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg.3

Though the night was still at hand, the Goldsmith woke before mornings welcome. For a moment he had to find his bearings, and set his feet on the floor of the small cottage. He felt the fatigue of the former day reminding him of why he came.As if to reassure himself, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his long cherished gem his Grandfather had lovingly passed down to him. He felt it in his...
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