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The Christmas Spirit?

The Christmas Spirit?

The snow is falling softly, covering the earth with a pure silence, a sparkle of genius and the beauty of diamonds, here for a moment if we notice.

All around the hustle of friends and neighbors, moves, but more so this year with a decided movement. Less frantic, more thoughtful. We anticipate the season, the good foods, friends, loved ones. The expectation of something fun and memorable. We hope our gifts are good enough and our dreams of the season fulfilled.

Twinkling lights remind us of the expectations to come!

In the midst of it all, all the trimmings, do we feel the essence of the season? A quiet love, soft and sure, true and penetrating the whole Universe. Peace on earth, good will towards men.

Beyond the stories of earth, a knowing connection to the Eternal, to know we are loved, life in all it’s purpose

the trimmings to be enjoyed for what they are, and love remains!

May the season be jolly!!

love to you!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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