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Journey of Love

Journey of Love

Good day to you! Recently I have found myself re-adjusting my priorities. Music being one of the top now. Creating, working in music is a different breed. The journey is sometimes vague, or abstract. You spend a lot of time alone creating, being inspired. It’s going deep. I think it’s much easier to just do life…instead of make life. That said though, it is my honor to take these gifts given, for a reason, to share with you. To not neglect the beauty within. I am inspired lately to write some new material and have some great players in mind to help me make something worthy!

Today I will be going into the deep!

I am inside, warm and thankful on this chilly December day!

Don’t forget to check out my Christmas songs, available for you!

To feel the vibes of eternity:-)

Have a beautiful day!

Rachel 🙂

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