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NEW Creations for a HAPPY New Year!!

NEW Creations for a HAPPY New Year!!

Good morning to YOU! As I sit here with a freshly brewed cup of coffee…(a little cream…) I feel the anticipation of 2023! Wow, yes, I know, there are changes in the air, but also I am anticipating so many new opportunities!

The creative flow of new music and the next step in the journey!

Every day a story to be told, moments turned into gold…

For myself, to take these days ahead with purpose, to cherish the moments, to see the beauty , to value those I love, and to have a little fun, every day! I am truly looking forward to 2023!

I’ve really been in a creative space lately, and back to writing new songs. I have limited the non essentials so that I can be more focused on music!

Music with all it’s soulfulness, is special, a place for you and me, a place we can feel, and understand.

I am looking forward to making this year a very great year, with purpose. To share with you something to make your days special too!

Happy New Year!!

Lots of love to You!!

Rachel 🙂

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