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Month: January 2022

Moments in Place

Good morning!!! Wow! I am so happy to say it is FRIDAYYYY!! and the week is winding up and so many exciting creations ahead!! Watching the world as it turns, one can always see so many dynamics taking place, like colors on the wheel, pure white starts the page, and color layered color, each medium vying for attention, Colors of truth, colors of lies. Which path we follow , makes for the journey...
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Byway to Highway

Good evening! I wonder how you are today? Where are you heading? Are you moving forward, stuck or unsure where to go next? I was thinking of the pathway, the byway, the story we read as we unfold ourselves into this life. Do we finish well? Do we know where to go? Are we still? As I am on my walkway, the byway I am comforted in knowing that the story unfolds in it's time. That the next chapter...
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