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Just about This Far Apart…

Just about This Far Apart…

Good evening! I hope that yOu are very well! I always think of the lyrics I made for my song Poppies, when I ask this question.

“What will you eat, my dear friend

What will you wear, once again, and

How do YOU feel, are you well? Are you so well,

Look at the birds, flying there

Poppies that bloom, oh so fair, and

Let’s catch that boat, sailing FREE

If we only Believe.”

This song is on my cd, Zorobabel which I have a stock of and am very happy to share with you if you email me and ask for it.

In fact, I was in Wallmart this week waiting in line, and a lady with a mask was staring at me. I couldn’t place the face but she spoke up and said, “It’s me! ” She looked at me awkwardly, like she hoped I would approve. I said hello back and smiled at her. She hesitated and then asked me if she could have one of my cd’s, would I give her one, as she had her’s stolen. I was pretty sure it was my cd. Zorobabel. I wrote Zorobabel for times like this and I so I was happy to give her a replacement for the stolen cd.

I said of course I would and felt the glow of love in my heart.

Music is Relevant. Essential. Now as in any time, and I am honored to share it with you.

As we update the website and bring you more music may YOU be well, may You be so well.

for now

Rachel 🙂

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