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A sTep or TWo ForWard

A sTep or TWo ForWard

Good day to you! I am looking forward to heading outside into the sunshine as the grass begins to green and the flowers start their seasons once again. A new season for sure and I know we are all adjusting to the changes. If my heart could speak it would be love that flows to all the hurting people, I know that some will suffer from this adjustment and have already. A new day, I say, there is a beautiful way, like my song I recently finished SeaDog, made for you.

Music speaks. I hope that my songs can help you in these times. The truth is relevant and lasting. Love lasts, and we can go on.

I have a few new songs almost completed, and I look forward to much music ahead!

We are still in process of updating the website for you so ….stay tuned!


for now

Rachel :-)……………headin outside….:-)!

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