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Month: April 2020

Just about This Far Apart…

Good evening! I hope that yOu are very well! I always think of the lyrics I made for my song Poppies, when I ask this question. "What will you eat, my dear friend What will you wear, once again, and How do YOU feel, are you well? Are you so well, Look at the birds, flying there Poppies that bloom, oh so fair, and Let's catch that boat, sailing FREE If we only Believe." This song is on my cd,...
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Happy Easter!!!

Hello! I hope that you are well! As the sun begins to melt the melancholy of winter's blast, I am excited about all of the new creating I am looking forward to sharing with you! As we update the website and make it more user friendly I am also looking forward to more music ahead! But today is a day to reflect, rest, celebrate, enjoy the quiet and pray for those less fortunate. May love spread...
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Sea Dog!

Good afternoon! Well we just uploaded my latest tune, featuring Tony Franklin on bass and Sherry Finzer on flute, me on electric guitar and all the extra sounds happening!! That said, this song is a journey of another kind, to follow the path of LOVE and not hate, or fear makes for a Beautiful Day!! LOVE will Always BE. :-) I hope you enjoy the song, made to make your day a little brighter with...
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Walk on, sweet song Let your voice sing loud , sing strong Weary not the day become A New Day, has just dawned But loves song IS Strong Walk on.
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Deeper Than Hell

Good day to You! As the darkness of the morning turned to sunfilled skies I felt thankful to be able to experience a part of history never seen before. When I wrote Deeper Than Hell it was a dark day in my life and the beauty of the song is that LOVE transends even hell in all of its terror, LOVE LIVES ON and God's love is bigger than the darkest day, the deepest hell. Here is the oil painting I...
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