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From the Beginnings

From the Beginnings

I was reading David Banta’s post, how he started out at a wonderful music school, there in the New York area, where he could amerce his musical talents with knowledge. I was thinking “Wow” how wonderful that would be, to start your musical journey “fully loaded”.

I think of my own life, I grew up in a small town, actually it was just being developed. My parents wanted to help the First Nations peoples recover their language, (of which they did), and so that was where we moved and settled.

Our little town didn’t have anyone to teach music, and so we mostly played sports for extra curricular. But the music was in me. I was writing songs as a toddler at nap time. Because we were a musical family, there was always a guitar or piano handy, and so I just found my way on them.

No music school or guiding teacher along the way, just a burning passion for what was within.

Sometimes beginnings groom someone for their future, and it makes the way so much easier, I would think.

But for some we have followed what was within, and as we do, the skills and talents continue to grow in us. So beginnings are not the measure of passion.

To play, create music makes the world a different place, altogether.

From small town beginnings…….

So many exciting ideas growing, as Spring flowers!

I wish You a beautiful day, and lots of love!

For now

Rachel 🙂

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