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Colors of Sunshine!

Colors of Sunshine!

Good beautiful day to you! I hope you are able to enjoy some of the beauty that grows into the sun!

I have had some great moments recently. I was asked to play for an event. I pulled out my guitar and packed a small sound system. I could have set up the piano as well, but we decided to keep it simple. I have several new songs on guitar, and so I was curious to see how the audience would respond. This audience was a mixture of all kinds of musical preferences, so I wondered how this event would go. I played for several hours. A local musician, good, lead guitar player was playing blues to a sound system he had going. I chatted with him, and offered for him to play with me on my sets. He agreed, and the sound turned out really wonderful! He plays a lead guitar, electric, and acoustic, and I played my acoustic guitar. The blend turned out really great! People ended up loving it and then asked us to play more events. I was really honored and happy to see they liked my new music and even wanted more. That was a really great feeling for me.

I was also honored to play on the Emily Pearl show, in Memphis, Tennessee and you can find that show here on the website!

As the days warm with the sun, so I too, shall warm up my instruments and sing you a song!

For now,

Rachel 🙂

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