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Month: April 2023

From the Beginnings

I was reading David Banta's post, how he started out at a wonderful music school, there in the New York area, where he could amerce his musical talents with knowledge. I was thinking "Wow" how wonderful that would be, to start your musical journey "fully loaded". I think of my own life, I grew up in a small town, actually it was just being developed. My parents wanted to help the First Nations...
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Whirling Winds!

Whirly, swirly, dash about! So many ideas! What's it all about? Bubbling up like a brook unleashed! Spilling all over the fresh dew and small beasts! OH! Sooo many thoughts~ to be had! Filling and whirling Like winds fully clad!
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Good day to yOu! I remember when I wrote this song. I sat down with my guitar and began to formulate some beautiful chords together. I was playing them and wrote these simple lyrics: "Via Dolo Rosa, That is why You came Walked this earth to Free us! Via Dolo Rosa" Those are the only lyrics to this song, and yet they say all that needs to be said. At the time, I had just met ALVIN TAYLOR, such an...
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