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Month: May 2020

Quantum Entangelment

Energy Movement, Round it goes! From space past time a new wave flows Can you catch it? Nobody knows To gaze upon it, You peeked! So change directions, Oh! All as movement, all a song God's song, in harmony From Earth and beyond. I wish yOu a day full of peace! for now Rachel :-)
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Tranquil Beauty

From far and near, To Heaven's Beam From Hell's deep crevase To Earth's green peace To find one's self Admist the trial To finally feel Tranquil beauty:-)
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Every Pause

Good afternoon! This time of pause in the World has some great advantages as we are home and so many of the things we were "too busy" to accomplish can be knocked off of the to-do list! The pile is getting smaller and I am happy about this as it makes for a clear mind for creating something new! It is also a time to reflect and re-evaluate what really matters, and also perhaps re-direct the path...
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Hands That Rock the World

"Who's love give more, when others take? Who's love is there for loves sake?" Hands that rock the world. Hand's that rock the world! Thank YOU Mom!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! This one's for YOU!
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A sTep or TWo ForWard

Good day to you! I am looking forward to heading outside into the sunshine as the grass begins to green and the flowers start their seasons once again. A new season for sure and I know we are all adjusting to the changes. If my heart could speak it would be love that flows to all the hurting people, I know that some will suffer from this adjustment and have already. A new day, I say, there is a...
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