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Month: September 2019

Sailing on the Wind

Good evening! As I am getting ready for a gig tomorrow I am sorting through my tunes. I had a few in mind but as the day changes in it's challenges I too feel like singing from a different experience. I was on the plane the other day and we hit tons of turbulence. Now I don't like flying at it's best, so for me this was not comfortable. However, I calmed myself with an old song I wrote years ago...
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Thinks me Thinks….

Good morning to YOU! I just wanted to say hello to you! To love art is to be consumed in the moments life gives one to take the time to drink it in. I know that we all busy people and for some of us it takes a great deal to have the opportunity to share art with others. As I am continuing upon this journey, I realize it is easy to miss the turn off sometimes.... I did so recently, and thought to...
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