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Thinks me Thinks….

Thinks me Thinks….

Good morning to YOU! I just wanted to say hello to you!

To love art is to be consumed in the moments life gives one to take the time to drink it in. I know that we all busy people and for some of us it takes a great deal to have the opportunity to share art with others. As I am continuing upon this journey, I realize it is easy to miss the turn off sometimes….

I did so recently, and thought to myself, how one decision can alter the path. I could have enjoyed the benefit of a right turn but found myself due to business, making a wrong turn. This caused me to miss out on a great moment in life, that I could have enjoyed. So in business I am finding the comfort of focusing on the journey, and giving myself time to think…me thinks…so that in turn I am peacefully finding my way!

The most wonderful thing about the map and the journey is that a heart in the right place will find it’s way for our path is written in the skies of eternity.

There are so many wonderful moments ahead!!!

Have a beautiful day!

for now

Rachel …beep! beep!!

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