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Month: March 2019

“One Horse Town”

Good morning! I hope your day is going well! I wanted to let you know that we have uploaded a new song, One Horse Town. This song was inspired by J. Michael Dolan and his blogs. He has been a source of inspiration to many creative peoples, including me! Thank YOU J. Michael Dolan! It was a very average day and life was less than wonderful. It was the daily grind of survival and living life...
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Great Time with Phillip Silverstone!

Good afternoon! I just wanted to share the link with you of the Interview and great time I had yesterday with Phillip Silverstone! It was a real honor and delight to be invited to his Live Show! If you would like to see it here is the Link! Have a beautiful day! for now Rachel :-)
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Silverstone Live!

Good day to you! I hope to see you this March 22nd! 5pm US Eastern Time, 10 pm UK time! It will be a great time of talking and I will sing a few songs for you! Ok! See you there!:-) and Have a beautiful day! Rachel :-)
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Live Show! This week!

Good afternoon! I hope the Spring is beginning to sprout many promising new days ahead for you! Just wanted to let you know that I will be Interviewed and preforming a few tunes this week, March 22! I really hope you join us! Looking forward! Have a beautiful day! Rachel :-)
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