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“One Horse Town”

“One Horse Town”

Good morning! I hope your day is going well! I wanted to let you know that we have uploaded a new song, One Horse Town. This song was inspired by J. Michael Dolan and his blogs. He has been a source of inspiration to many creative peoples, including me! Thank YOU J. Michael Dolan!

It was a very average day and life was less than wonderful. It was the daily grind of survival and living life small. It would seem impossible for a small town musician to make any head way on one’s music. And yet, here were words of encouragement to read and think and dream upon, like a distant star. Like a little bit of pixy dust sprinkled into one’s day. The place where dreams dwell.

Sometimes our perceptions of reality are not always as they could be. How we see the world, dream or not dream. How much our personal view of life affects our outcome. Of course there are higher powers involved and the idea of destiny is one to ponder.

As if perhaps by acting from belief, of faith create particles of splendor that burst into the atmosphere and begin.

One Horse Town is a song I wrote for anyone with a dream and the desire to enter into the adventure:-) I played all the parts on this song. I wanted to put a lap steel guitar into the song so I learned the basics for it! Can you hear it?

I hope you enjoy the song and never give up on the desires that have been placed into your heart like a seed waiting for spring!

Have a beautiful day!

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