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Month: March 2018

The small beloved :-)

Grey sighed the clouds as the sky opened it's eyes to a new day. All grey I thought. Patches of snow lay hardened on the frozen grass, as if to cling to their coming demise. In between the white formed new.Those patches of mingled green and yellow that were slowly but surely rising from the earth. I went out to experience this grey day. "The walk would do me good", I thought, and moved out into...
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In the Physical

Good morning! As I get my exercise clothes on to start my day I am also thinking of the word physical existence or real or concrete. In this world of virtual is something I am thinking on. I realized in school that all studies seem to flow together.  Tied at the roots so to say.   Real or reality would to me then always show itself....if one is watching. False reality, artificial...
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Fresh oh the Air!

One little seed so softly blows Damper the wind..OH! There it goes! Heavy the rain clouds, gloomy and woe But fly little seed! Where ever you go! And so finds the day And so finds the time Not one moment wasted In nature's divine.
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Good afternoon! Just to update as to the collaborations, and how they are coming along beautifully! You know I am amazed at how we just begin to create a new song or sound and end up with this beautiful piece of music! It is a wonder sometimes! I am also learning the value of quality team mates and the freedom of trust. I have heard it said that trust is the highest valued commodity today...even...
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