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Why the Melody?

Why the Melody?

Good morning!! How does this day fair for yOu?

Finishing some new songs which you can listen to here, makes me feel so much joy! Yes! It is Hard work, to create from what’s in your head, your heart , your soul, and sometimes you feel exhausted from the creative process, but it is so worthy as music really lifts higher than each moment. I feel music is recorded in the Heavens. It is a great honor to be a musician.

There are many types of songs made now, but there are always songs from the soul of humanity, they stay.

Perhaps the walls come closing in

But deep within! Deep within!

A song of triumph fills your senses

A melody flows so relentless!

Music , melody,

Soaring high above the trenches!

Have a Sunny Day!

New songs ahead!!

Rachel 🙂

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