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Month: September 2021


Good morning!!! Oh! I am telling you this Fall the leaves and all of the colors are just stunning!! Absolutely beautiful! It is as if the season has been given the full allotted time to express itself!! And WoW! Is it Ever!! Everything in it's Season, and so I see Thanksgiving approaching in the near future and that is How I feel! So Thankful! This journey is one of great interest and excitement...
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Why the Melody?

Good morning!! How does this day fair for yOu? Finishing some new songs which you can listen to here, makes me feel so much joy! Yes! It is Hard work, to create from what's in your head, your heart , your soul, and sometimes you feel exhausted from the creative process, but it is so worthy as music really lifts higher than each moment. I feel music is recorded in the Heavens. It is a great honor...
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NEW SONG for 2021!!

Good morning to YOU!! Last night we posted one of my newest songs for you!! OCEANS. This song was originally I thought, a guitar song. I play a picking style on this tune. My engineer kept asking me to add this part and that part with various instruments. Piano, guitars, 12 string, as well as my lap steel guitar. I had also expected to add some great players to this tune, however, by the time we...
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