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Through Roses and Thorns

Through Roses and Thorns

Did I ever tell you about her?

We were bike riding and off of a main road. There was only gravel and pot holes on the road, trees along the sides and no one around . We stopped for a moment to catch our breath. Out of the corner of my eye a form began to move, and started towards us. I looked over and with fright stared into two amazing looking eyes that stared right into my soul. One eye was partly blueish white, and the other was half brown and half white. I thought this stray half Rottweiler, half malamute was going to bite me! “Whoa!” I cried out! The somewhat underweight dog came over to us. Sensitive and intelligent, she wasn’t coming to bite me after all, just hungry and abandoned by the previous owner. You could see she had a collar once, her fur was matted down on her strong, beautiful neck. But those eyes were unforgettable.

“What should we do?” we thought. We decided to let her follow us home and go from there. We did, she looked happy to be with someone. She followed all the way home, even though she was weak and starving.

We fed her and thought we should put up a sign asking if anyone had lost their dog. We did so, kept feeding her, and waited.

Loyal to the highest degree, she sat on our porch with utmost gratitude. Those eyes, those beautiful, frightening, loving amazing eyes. You could see she could have been dangerous is she had wanted too. Powerful she was.

No one called and we fell in love with her and kept her. She was always a champion. She had greatness in her, always a lady and so well behaved. Someone must have put her through training, a class act, but you could see that she had been abused. If you raised a shovel in the garden or raised your hand in any way, she would mince and cower. Such a loving dog, she was.

She went through nine puppies, being hit by a truck which broke her hip, loosing her best dog friend to having a new puppy to cheer her up.

Hannah you showed me love at a great degree….she died two days ago and I think she was a gift from God.

To love like a dog loves….

So the process of life cycles. For a time you feel like this dog and you will be so happy forever! For this moment will last. They so full of energy and love, full of joy to see you. But time passes, and moves on. So does life and death with others we see all around us. This journey unfolds and is meant to be walked. I think of Hannah who walked well through her life. She left us still crossing her legs, still holding her head up high, still wagging her tail at us to her final moment.

She picked a spot in the rose patch. I had to move some of the thorny branches away so not to hurt her. To let her have her best last moments.

Life, like a rose bush, so full of flavor in it’s seasons, also full of thorns if one isn’t careful where they walk.

This letting go but always loving is okay. Love is just fuller from pain and there is so much love to share.

I am so happy to be able to experience life, to feel, to live, to love, to loose. But life is always full with love.

I wish YOU a beautiful day!

May we take time to smell the roses:-)

Love Rachel 🙂

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