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The……Studio Time’s…………

The……Studio Time’s…………

Featuring: New songs coming soon!!

Good day to YOU ! We have been having so much fun listening and mixing down these new songs! I am so happy with the results!

The day started rough. I couldn’t seem to get my head in gear and felt a wave of depression. The battle you know, creating something new and sending it into the atmosphere. It’s beginnings. Overwhelming heaviness hung around, like old smoke that lingers and stains with a permeating loathing. I had to leave these thoughts, to perservere, and move past the smoke like lies that filled my head.

I moved past it. Harbored my inner pain, and pressed on and began to create. The music played and I felt myself moved by it, lost in it and the heavy weight of the day fall away. And so I sang and put several vocal tracks down. Some harmonies and lead. It felt good.

Pulling all of these amazing sounds together will be worth listening too for you my dear friends. I want to be true to my gifts and free them so they may fly into your world and touch your heart.

Looking forward to sharing these songs with yOu soon!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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