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Songs and Life in the Mix of Things

Songs and Life in the Mix of Things

Good evening! So we have put in some great guitar tracks, and more, the last song is going to be really special! The song just seems to sing on it’s own. Like painting a painting that is so good that it looks 3 D and you’re not sure if it’s real life! I love that when music takes off on it’s own. Some songs are meant to be. The song I am talking about which is coming soon, came in the night. I couldn’t sleep, and got up and picked up my guitar. It was dark and I sat down on the couch in the studio and started to play some chords. They found their own way and I played for a bit and decided to turn on the light and write them down. I left the song for a few weeks as life gets busy. I put the schedule of life aside and went into my art room to close the door. I sat down and in 15 minutes had the lyrics for the tune. I didn’t think much of them, until I played them for my engineer and he said they are for these times and so I am really looking forward to sharing the new songs with you soon.

Much love to you:-)

for now

Rachel 🙂

“In the thick of things, when all around the darkness fell, a path emerged and I followed there….”

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