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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 16

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 16

Goldsmith story by Rachel Walker

Mammy stirred her homemade pancake mix with a furry. She wasn’t usually ruffled by many things, but Matt hadn’t showed up this morning and he was never late. She waited for what seemed like a lifetime before she said in a big voice to one of the local waitresses standing in the corner of the room and putting on her attire, ” Florence, I’m troubled about Matt!  Can you go over to his place and see if he’s alright! I can’t keep my mind on things and there’s a plenty of people heading this way for something worth waking up too!” Florence looked a bit confused, but nodded her head, and headed out the door.

Matt was still in his bed with blankets as tangled as a wrestling match, when Florence appeared at the door. She knocked loudly and without hesitation, let herself in. “Matt!” she said in a straight forward voice, ” What are you doing? Mammy’s all a fluster with you not comin in like you do every mornin! ” 

Matt sat up in his bed, disoriented and shy. This had never happened before and little did Florence know, Matt had had a crush on her for sometime now. Florence’s straight, fine hair was blowing in the doorway as it caught the early morning breeze. “Hello Florence.” was all Matt could say at the moment. He stared at her for a time, as if coming from his sorry pain to the here and now, ” I didn’t mean to, ” was all he said and then as an afterthought, ” I’ll be right there.”

Florence gave him one look of triumph, turned around , and as she was leaving remarked, “Good!”

Matt, now fully awake, pulled on his clothes and rushed out the door, thinking, ” I have to get a hold of the Goldsmith.” 

Evening”s furry, now a thing of the recent past, welcomed by the mornings sun rays, causing the cooling of the muddy ground to mist and steam in the mornings cool light.

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