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Month: October 2023

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 16

Mammy stirred her homemade pancake mix with a furry. She wasn't usually ruffled by many things, but Matt hadn't showed up this morning and he was never late. She waited for what seemed like a lifetime before she said in a big voice to one of the local waitresses standing in the corner of the room and putting on her attire, " Florence, I'm troubled about Matt!  Can you go over to his place...
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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 15

Matt ran as fast as he could. Memories he had stored and blocked in his mind began to flood in like a rush of frozen air. He had forgotten, pain too unbearable had blocked these feelings and memories. "What did Mother give me? " He thought to himself, "A letter?" He tried to recall where he had placed this item, it had all come so suddenly, her death, and previously father's. Why hadn't he...
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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 14

Morning came soon enough. Though fall had settled in, today the sun was out like a shadow of summer spreading its beams onto the valley reminding the animals to prepare for a new season.  Goldsmith didn't sleep all that well and rousted himself out of bed to look for some morning coffee. He wasn't sure he wanted to face the crowd at Mammy's and poked at his wood stove coals to warm his...
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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 13

Goldsmith, caught up in the chaos of the moment, did not know what to do. It all seemed so surreal. Not wanting to cause a stir, he picked up his belongings and findings and followed the crowd back to the village.  It was a quiet evening, the streets were bare and not many went for pie and coffee at Mammy's. Goldsmith made himself a fire in his small but now, beloved cabin, and sat at his...
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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 12

Up before the crack of dawn, the excited crew had their belongingspacked and out the door! For breakfast today, Mammy pulled out her special,pancakes, waffles, omelets, and bacon crackling to the sound of the merrychatter. "Coffee was on the house!" Mammy declared, and the localstipped her generously. Back to their claimed spots they went and so thenew day was rewarded with the sun displaying a...
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