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The Evolution of a Song!

The Evolution of a Song!

Good morning!

As the sun lays it’s beams along my snowy banks I am looking forward to Spring!

That said, this time has given me a gift! With my vocals recorded it is off to mastering to finish the song!

This song started out in the summer 2 years ago! I layed it aside, for a movie, but that didn’t happen, and so I started again to work on it and finish it! We added the flute and then decided to later add extra sound to the song. It really changed through time as it had seasoned so to speak, for awhile. It’s interesting. If I had finished it a year ago even, it would not even be the same sound, and I think wouldn’t have been as good! The song also seems more relevent today!

How interesting, as if music has soul…hmmm!

That said, I am looking forward to sharing the song and others, with you soon!

Be well! Enjoy the time to create and find ways to move forward!

Have a beautiful day!

for now

Rachel :-)!!

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